Destroy your roommates to get some sleep tonight. Download free on Mac or Windows for full-screen experience. Recommended browsers are Chrome and Firefox only.


Arrow Keys- Controller D-pad/Left Stick: Move character

Enter/Space/X Button (PS4)/A Button (XBOX/PC): Action Button, hold to fast forward

Shift/Square Button (PS4)/X Button (XBOX/PC): Hold to run

Esc/X Key/Triangle Button (PS4)/Y Button (XBOX/PC): Cancel, Back

Created for the 2019 Global Game Jam. #ggj19

I personally felt like the GGJ this year was trying to force an overly positive, lovey dovey, everyone is happy aesthetic with the keynotes and theme announcement video. Home does not mean all that positive stuff to everyone. For some people, Home can mean confusion, instability, and violence. So I set out to rebel against that with my game. I used to have a lot of roommate problems in college. My game is influenced by those experiences but is a complete work of fiction - none of the characters in this game are based on real people.


Home Is Where 116 MB
Home Is Where 250 MB


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nice job did you made that music in warioware?

Update 2/28/2019:

1. Corrected typo in ending credits.

2. Added text hints to all items in kitchen.

3. Confirmed that cut scenes can be fast forwarded by holding the action button.