A nuclear accident has created a giant monster and ripped a hole in spacetime. Time is now on a never-ending loop of the same 24-hour period with the giant monster destroying the city. When the loop resets, the city resets and the monster starts the whole process again. But the city’s residents remember what happened each loop, so they start to get smarter in fighting the monster. Players control the monster as they try to destroy as much of the city within the 24-hour period. After each loop, the number of enemies increases. The game ends when the player is destroyed by the enemies. The object of the game is to see how many loops the player can successfully destroy the city and survive.


John Gale - Lead Designer/Programmer

Javin Stone - Art (Character)

Ryan Willard - Music

Created for the Ludum Dare 47 game jam October 2-5, 2020

Theme: Stuck in a Loop

Made with RPG Maker MV

Uses the MV Map Projectiles plugin by Galv

Uses the YSP Preloader by Dr. Yami


Kaiju Kountdown Windows.zip 103 MB
Kaiju Kountdown Mac.zip 238 MB


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The game looks nice.  Unfortunately, I didn't play it in time to rate it for the jam.  Only issue I had was pressing Spacebar made my browser scroll down, so I had to plug in a controller to play.

Made a programmatic update that cleans up the code a bit and should remove the bugs some users found.

The game is entertaining, but it would make it even more fun if the dinosaur had more flexibility in movement :)

this game was legitimately fun, reminded me a little of rampage way back, 120 buildings destroyed and 69 cars totaled at the end, had a good time, I think this just needs a little more work and it'd be a really great game

Thanks! I'm going to keep working on it and upload an update after the Ludum Dare rating period is over.

We're going to do the same after the game jam for our game too, honestly yours needs so little to be perfect, just a few frames of animation here and there, let me know when you update and I'll test it out